David Blackburn of Classe' Homes remodeled our living room and kitchen. David was always available to answer my questions and concerns. He offered suggestions when I needed help. David even mopped our new floors. Remodeling is very stressful, but David would always reassure me that it would all come together, and it did beautifully. We are very happy with the finished results.
Lisa and Chuck Iliff

As an architect with plenty of construction management in his past, my husband is a discerning (and can be critical!) client. As owners of old homes with endless renovation issues over the course of our marriage, we have seen many a contractor come and go. After all of it, we found our match in David Blackburn (principal, general contractor, and owner of Classe Homes). David exemplifies old-fashioned earnestness, long experience, and professional skill that is almost nonexistent these days.

There is not a contractor of any trade in this community that David has not worked with over the years, which is immensely helpful in his ability to make a perfect fit between his clients' needs and the special abilities/expertise of his contractor base. He listens intently to his clients' needs, and then proceeds to make it happen. Even before we contracted with Classe Homes, we were impressed with the amount of time David took to understand our goals, and with the number of visits he made to our home to make sure we saw eye to eye.

Once construction began, we found that David did not wait for attention to be drawn to any shortcomings (although few); he saw any issues himself and took extra time to resolve them  with absolutely no stress being dealt to us as the client. Even though our project was relatively small, David called or visited (mostly both) every day during construction, was accessible and responsive to any concerns we had--so unusual!!! He inspected every phase of the project meticulously, and addressed every question we had. If there were any changes, he communicated them among the parties and made sure everyone understood--no hidden charges or surprise invoices!

David is active in the volunteer community and has committed many years to residential improvement and the growth of Tulsa. This experience really shows in the way that he sincerely cares about the finished product of his projects and maintains excellent relationships with his clients.

Finally, it must not go without saying that David's professional mannerism is impeccable. He is calm under pressure, forthcoming with details, willing to follow through without backing out, and catering to his clients in every way. His great attitude, paired with his long experience in his profession, make him and Classe' Homes one of the best gems in Tulsa.
Tracy and Robert Shears

As far as contractors go, David is absolutely wonderful. In the summer of 2012, we hired him to remodel our master bath and update the countertops in the other bathrooms in the house. This was our first major remodel project so we were a little intimidated by the process. He quickly put us at ease and was able to put together a thorough, reasonable estimate that was within our budget. He was very knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations for both the design of our project as well as the local vendors to go through. He is always easy to get a hold of and follows up promptly, whether it is through phone calls, text messages or emails. I was very comfortable with his team, both when I was home or away. Most importantly, there were no financial “surprises” by the end of the project as the estimate was followed to the letter and any adjustments were outlined ahead of time via thorough communication. In addition, our remodel was completed in a timely manner. He is trustworthy, realistic and dependable. I have seen very few contractors that can boast all of these attributes. My husband and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a remodel, be it a large or small project.
Jessica and Joseph Z.

David Blackburn has been a very outstanding customer with Mill Creek Lumber since 1996.  We have enjoyed our relationship with David and the expertise and high integrity that he brings to the table when doing business.  We have also done several projects from Custom Homes, Remodels, and even some light commercial.  David has always been very accommodating with his clients and I feel he always practices on doing the right thing to get the customer or project completed.
Creed Holt, Sales Manager
Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Company